Frequently Asked Questions

Answering Your Questions

These are the most popular questions we are asked. If you don't see yours let us know and we'll help you out!

Our Collective is built around the idea of an orchestra: individual pieces coming together to create the symphony of the whole.  All of our vendors are talented professionals, but when they join our Collective they have three memberships tiers to choose from.  The "Balcony Membership" is an entry-level membership that allows vendors to have their literature in our shop and be listed in our hard copy and online vendor directories.  The "General Admission Membership" is a mid-tier participation membership that allows  vendors to have a small display in our shop and more access to our services.  The "VIP Membership" is an all-access membership that allows those vendors 24/7 access to our shop, its consultation services and office space, and input into our events.  These 3 tiers promote local small businesses in the events industry and play off of our orchestra theme.

Family and friends want to be able to enjoy the event, too. The people who are celebrating shouldn’t have to be the coordinators. Clients who hire us for their events frequently tell us at the end of the night how thankful they are they didn’t have to do it all (picture yourself on the ladders, yourself calling the bakery to find out the ingredients in the frosting to see how long the dessert can sit out, yourself pinning flowers on lapels, yourself calling porta-potty people and dumpster people and people for forks and people for lights and…and…and…) You don’t know what you don’t know. Professional event designers do. We know what questions to ask, and we know which components of the event affect all the other components. Let us do it!

We are a collection of vendors with a variety of products and services, but all under one roof. We have several small businesses represented here but you don’t have to hunt them all down; we are truly a one-stop-shop for your event.

You can choose whichever vendors you still need! You can just hire one, or Jenny the owner can help the vendors work with you to create a package with however many services you need, within a budget that works for you.

You will have your meetings here! Part of the beauty of the collective is that we have a coffee & consultation space in our shop, where you can meet with each of your vendors as planning unfolds. No going to a bunch of different businesses… or meeting at Panera or a coffee shop full of masked strangers. You can have private conversations about contracts and budgets, right here in our quiet, cozy space!

Each vendor has their own services included in their packages, so these specifics will be discussed with them. Typically, planning sessions would occur at the shop with a field trip included to “map out” the service needed, if applicable.

Yes! If necessary, Jenny, the owner of Orchestrated Events, is in touch with the Porter County Health Department and knows how to create the COVID plans. Our food providers are also licensed and permitted through the county and know what they need to do to ensure that your menu items are prepared and served in a safe manner.

If you’re hiring only one vendor, you pay that vendor directly. If you’re working with two or more, you’ll pay Orchestrated Events and Orchestrated Events will pay your vendors for you.