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No event is complete without dessert.  I mean really, if you work in the events industry you’re probably a fan of food in general; but wow, some chocolaty goodness in the winter celebrations and some light, fruity loveliness is always welcome in the warmer months.  And one of the unexpected blessings of COVID is all …

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Spring Events in the Midwest

Mothers Day. Flowers. College Graduations. These are all things that happen around here in May, and if we’re lucky the snow is done so we can actually enjoy them all!  We love mother/son dances, Mothers Day teas, flower shop windows, gardens full of tulips.  It is Northwest Indiana…and believe it or not we have had …

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The Mary Poppins Bag

We have a lot of different vendors working in our vendor collective here in the Midwest, in our little event planning boutique.  We have djs, photographers, florists, ceiling drapery installers, caterers, dessert specialists, honeymoon specialists, Christmas Nutcracker builders (this is a thing), a girl who paints you as your live event unfolds, a caricature artist, …

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Tips and Tricks for Wedding Planning

Despite the best efforts of our brides, despite their skills on organization and their advice from aunt Sally, there are things on your wedding day you will not think of.  There are so many details, so many little things, that wedding professionals know and you do not.  So whether you hire us to do these …

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Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Our newest issue of the Wedding Mag is out and all the brides interviewed have had their weddings already; their advice to upcoming brides is always “don’t sweat the small stuff.”  But when you’re planning a wedding, none of it seems small!  When I finish a wedding with a client and send her a survey …

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The Battle of Trendy vs Timeless

Happy 2022! It’s a New Year, obviously, and so much comes with that. Northwest Indiana, for example, likes to bring new weather in January! It was zero in our neck of the woods this morning, but two weeks ago it was 55 so… ya know. New. And with the new, you start to look at …

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Pinterest vs Process

I am convinced the world only has two types of people: those who love the journey, and those who justwant to get to the destination. I fall into the latter category, as do my son and my husband. We arepeople who talk fast, drive fast, eat fast, walk fast… cuz we got places to go …

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The Symphony of the Whole

I was in speech in debate in high school.  I tell my kids they gave us trophies for talking, which was fantastic, by the way.  One of the first things you learn about boring your audience is to start your talk with dictionary definitions.  It’s communication 101.  I’m going to do it anyway. There are …

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So every year, we celebrate January as a New Year. We throw around resolutions, we discuss clauses involving “new beginnings” and say things like, “out with the old and in with the new.” Never have these sentiments been more true than now, at the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021. For those of …

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2020 Vision…

Everyone has a story. This is true every day, in every situation. But in 2020? Everyone has an adventure story! The narrative has changed, for all of us. And here at the end of it, as we prepare to celebrate Christmas and then another New Year, we’re not just looking ahead at resolutions. We’re looking …

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In everything, there is a season

The calendar says November, and the season is changing, but thankfully the temperature has allowed us to hold onto a beautiful autumn for a little longer! Mother Nature has bestowed several 70-degree days on us in the last week, and in Northwest Indiana that IS a blessing! There is an urgency to enjoying warmth around …

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The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton