Stir The Oatmeal

Photo by Melissa Di Rocco on Unsplash

We had the privilege of working a wedding where the officiant (who was the couple’s family member) talked about the difference between Hollywood marriages and “Stir the Oatmeal” marriages. Within three sentences of his schpeel, we were crying. We do a lot of weddings and so, to be honest, not too many of them make us cry anymore; the fact that this one did, says something!

A “Stir the Oatmeal” spouse is the one who warms you. They make you feel comfortable. They’re your end-of-the-day, who-I-want-to-come-home-to, safety net. Oatmeal sounds gray and boring; until you need warm and comfortable, and then mmmmmm. Oatmeal…with melted butter and brown sugar and cinnamon. Yep.

In this age, we think we want Pinterest. We think we want the Instagram reel wedding or house or family picture or Christmas tree or whatever. We plan an event and we want colorful flowers, beautiful photographs, a memorable venue, fun dj, tasty catering. And those moments of beauty and inspiration can be fun and exciting! Enjoy them!

But when choosing your spouse or your puppy or your house or your car, it’s ok to seek out oatmeal. Better yet, take the new year and choose to Be. Someone’s. Oatmeal.