Swipe Right: Personality Types

A quick Google search on Personality Types will confuse you quickly.  Under “People Also Ask,” there are the questions, “What are the 4 main types of personality?” “What are the 16 different types of personalities?” “What are the 7 different personality types?”  Apparently, there are discrepancies regarding just how many kinds of us there actually are

We analyze people based on pre-conceived notions about what we want in a dating site, what we want out of our kid’s school teacher, how we wish our employer was more understanding, how our pastor communicates when he’s not behind the pulpit.  We all have opinions on social media about who said what, how they come across, who their audience either was or should have been.  We do this with family, co-workers, our local politicians, the cashier at the hardware store. 

If I may, I’d like to mention a category of people whose personality types are important and don’t get noticed much: your wedding vendors.  To begin this conversation, a bride needs to consider her two types of vendors. There are “drop-and-go vendors” that you may never see on your wedding day (florist and cake designer could be two examples of these)… and there are vendors who are with you all-the-live-long day whom you will hate if your personalities don’t match (your wedding coordinator and photographer probably fall into these categories). 

It is important to have a good rapport with all of your contractors, of course, regardless of what service they provide and or how long you’ll see them (because even if you don’t hang out with your florist for 5 hours on wedding day, chances are there are lots of meetings and Pinterest Board sharing going on so you need to at least be able to tolerate each other).  But it is soooooo important that the vendors who are with you all day are people you LIKE.  This is the number one area where cost-of-service needs to be disregarded… and I mean absolutely… because if you have a cheapy dj or cheapy videographer around you for 8-12 hours and you end up not meshing with them personally, you’re going to be miserable on your wedding day. It’s what you will remember about your wedding day. 

So do your research!  And I don’t mean financially; I mean read their reviews and ask around for word-of-mouth referrals.   

ASK YOUR OTHER VENDORS WHO THEY RECOMMEND!  They will be kindly but brutally honest with you about who not to hire, if you give them permission to do so! 

Swipe right or swipe left on personality types?  The final decision is up to you!  But do your homework first.