Tips and Tricks for Wedding Planning

Despite the best efforts of our brides, despite their skills on organization and their advice from aunt Sally, there are things on your wedding day you will not think of.  There are so many details, so many little things, that wedding professionals know and you do not.  So whether you hire us to do these for you or whether you do them yourself, here are just a very few suggestions:

Make an emergency kit.  Mine is called my “Mary Poppins Bag” and, depending on the wedding, has everything from a staple gun to pipecleaners, zip ties to tampons, bobby pins to a glue gun, scissors to duct tape! 

For rsvps: Take the date the hall gives you for a deadline and make it 10 days earlier on your invitations. This is so the guests who don’t respond in time (there will be a lot) have time for you to call them for a week and a half before your headcount is actually due.

If you have DIY elements to your centerpieces: do the little time consuming stuff the week before.  Make sure the disk batteries are inserted in your battery lit candles.  Make sure the plastic tabs are removed.  Make sure individually wrapped candles and other shrink wrapped goodies are unwrapped in advance. You’d be surprised how time-consuming these little things are on an actual wedding day when everything is tightly scheduled!

Boys flowers ALWAYS need more than one pin.  Ask the florist for two pins per guy, then extra!

Ask your baker for to go boxes for cake.  The hall won’t always have them and you won’t think to bring any!

If reading these five items has scared you into wondering what else you haven’t thought of, call us at 219-252-4587 and we’ll schedule a time for you to come sit and chat.  Have a free cup of coffee, browse through a wedding mag, grab one of our Vendor Directories.  We’ll help talk you off the ledge.