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10 Memorable Wedding Quotes Overheard by a Wedding Coordinator

As a Wedding Coordinator, we’ve heard some unusual quotes from the party guests. So, we’ve gathered the top ten and hope your imagination fills in the gaps.

“These binder clips won’t hold my pants up.”

“When you return your tux keep your socks; they want everything back but those.”

“I am not responsible for your face.” 

“We had to wipe up the blood on the dancefloor with the tablecloth.” 

“Wait… we need the marriage license today?” 

“There was also bacon in the wedding dress…” 

“Take the groom’s pants off and give them to grandma.  She always has a sewing kit, and he can wear grandpa’s jean shorts.” 

“The couple we busted in the Bridal Suite broke the Buddha on the toilet.” 

“Anyone ever shoot Paintball Guns off this balcony?” 

And the number one funniest quote this Wedding Coordinator overheard at a wedding:

“Bridal Diaper”

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    1. Becky Bair Graham

      Jenny Bennett-Beschinski I told some friends about bridal diapers and they didn’t believe me! I had to Google it and show em pictures!!!😁😁

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