2020 Vision…

Everyone has a story. This is true every day, in every situation. But in 2020? Everyone has an adventure story! The narrative has changed, for all of us. And here at the end of it, as we prepare to celebrate Christmas and then another New Year, we’re not just looking ahead at resolutions. We’re looking at CHANGE.

Right? We don’t want things to be the same. We want something different. And so: our group of Vendors in the Middle of the Virus is here to help our community remember it’s ok to look ahead and look toward celebrating again. Life is good! People are good! Community and friends and gathering are good; we just have to do it responsibly, and creatively. Orchestrated Events in Valpo can help, when you’re ready.

So we anticipate the end of this year, the beginning of next, but not the way we always do. Instead, it may be slower this year. It may be with a smaller group of people and it may be with less hoopla. But isn’t that a good thing? Let us pause. Be reflective. Be thankful. And then share it with others, even if it is via Zoom!

Merry Christmas, everyone.