In everything, there is a season

The calendar says November, and the season is changing, but thankfully the temperature has allowed us to hold onto a beautiful autumn for a little longer! Mother Nature has bestowed several 70-degree days on us in the last week, and in Northwest Indiana that IS a blessing! There is an urgency to enjoying warmth around here; we only get it about five months out of twelve.

The other blessing we are celebrating here at Orchestrated Events is that our cute little shop is safely and creatively preparing for our Small Business Saturday Holiday Open House. The holidays are not canceled, celebrating is not canceled, being thankful is absolutely not ever canceled! And so we celebrate and anticipate this next season. Times have changed, and for so many, 2020 has been really scary; yet our team here is quickly becoming a family and is already so supportive of each other and of this endeavor. We are excited to plan our Thanksgiving weekend event.

As of the writing of this entry, we have twelve small businesses represented in this little three room suite of ours. Many of us were working from our dining rooms this summer, with our dogs and our kids and our spouses (for better or worse, right?)… and so the timing was perfect for us to come together under one roof here to show brides, corporate party planners, office managers (who don’t want to plan holiday parties), and community leaders that we can still celebrate! And here in our one little space, we have all the services needed to “orchestrate” those celebrations.

Thank you all for being so supportive of this project…especially in times like these. We’re all in this together.