No event is complete without dessert.  I mean really, if you work in the events industry you’re probably a fan of food in general; but wow, some chocolaty goodness in the winter celebrations and some light, fruity loveliness is always welcome in the warmer months.  And one of the unexpected blessings of COVID is all the creative ways one now can serve desserts to the guests at their parties!

There has always been cake at weddings and cotton candy at festivals, but the ways in which these fun items can be presented now!  Or replaced?!!

If you’re looking for something creative to add to your more traditional treats, the following list of inventory at Orchestrated Events can get you started:

  1. Donut wall:  this is a wall with pegs from which to hang donuts.  Your guests use tongs to choose and remove their own donut.
  2. Hot chocolate cart: this covered wagon with wheels and wooden awning is a huge display that can hold any beverage you’d like to serve… but hot chocolate or hot cider have been really popular choices!
  3. Chocolate Canoe: this refinished wooden canoe has been filled with ice and beverages (“Beverage Boat”) and covered with glass and spread with cheeses and fruits (“Canoeterie”)… another idea would be to cover it in wood and fabric, loaded with platters of fruit and chocolate!
  4. Ice cream cart: this cute little white cart has an insulated inside container from which the pre-purchased cartons of ice cream can be served.  Umbrella and chalkboard sign can be made to match your event!
  5. Champagne wall: so if you take the donut wall idea and add booze instead, you have geniusness.  This gorgeous black wall holds stemware that can be pre-filled with your favorite beverage, alcoholic or not.  Or take those same glasses and fill them with snacks, like candies or a pretzel-filled cocktail mix. So many ways to incorporate this display into your next party, indoor or out!